Nor Cal Box Club

Box It Up One Joint At A Time

How It Works

Boxes come with product selected by our staff, NOT customer choice.

You can be assured that we will choose the best Value and Quality for the $100 price point with the products we currently have available. The flower we select will be from our house flower as well as name brands, ranging from $35-$60 per eighth. See descriptions below

1) Call or Text (916) 993-5361
2) Tell us the box you desire
3) Select Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid
​4) Pay Cash on Delivery (we cannot accept CC)

The Flower Box: $100

  • 1/4 Flower
  • 2 PreRolls or 1 King Fuzzie

Our Flower Box comes with qualified dank flower thats proven to have you coming back bi-weekly for our hand selected goods. 


The Pre-Roll Box: $100

  • 1 x .5g Pacific Stone PR OG 2 pack – 18%
  • 1 x .5g Pacific Stone Banjo 2 pack – 12%
  • 2 x 1g Skunk Feather Nookies PR – 16%
  • 2 x 1g Skunk Feather Cement Ship PR – 14%
  • 2 x 1g Lime Sativa PR – 19%
  • 2 x 1g Lime Hybrid PR – 19%


Our Pre-Roll Box comes A plethora of pre-rolls for your satisfaction. We will hand select the best sativa or indica for your occasion!


The Vape Box: $100

  • 3 Half Gram Carts
  • ​1 Battery

Our Vape Box comes with not one, not two, but THREE half-gram catridges to give you a variety in flavor. We will deliver the best brands to you with a battery to make it last!


Edible Box 420mg for $100 Includes:
  • 100mg Blank Brand Chocolate
  • 100mg Kanha Gummy
  • 100mg Petra Mints
  • 100mg Wyld Gummy
  • Two 10mg Blank brand Mini Chocolates

420 MG of Edibles! Are you kidding me. Not only will you be lifted but you’ll be in outers space. Please eat safely!


The Mixed Box: $100

  • 1/8 Flower
  • 1g Concentrate
  • 100mg Edible
  • 2 Pre rolls or 1 King Wax Preroll

Our Mixed Box comes a vareity of cannabis for various occassions. We’ll help you prepare for the month with a delicous package suitable for many instances. 



Are you 21 Years of Age or Older?