The norcal box


  • Boxes contain products hand-picked by our staff.
  • Save BIG! We always choose the best quality and value for $100 flat rate.
  • Read below about the types of boxes and the value they offer.
  • Call 916-993-5361 and let us know which box you’d like to order. 
  • You may choose from the boxes below.

Types of Boxes

Flower Box

The Flower Box: $100

  • 1/4 Flower
  • 2 PreRolls or 1 King Fuzzie
Our Flower Box comes with qualified dank flower thats proven to have you coming back bi-weekly for our hand selected goods. 

Preroll Box

The Pre-Roll Box: $100

8g of mixed Prerolls chosen by our Norcal Team for your satisfaction. We will hand select the best Sativa, Hybrid and Indica Prerolls for your occasion.


Vape Box

The Vape Box: $100

  • 3 Half Gram Carts
  • 1 Battery
Our Vape Box comes with 3 half-gram cartridges to give you variety. 

Edible Box

Edible Box 420mg for $100 Includes:

420mg of edibles hand chosen by our team to satisfy your edible needs.