Nor Cal Box Club

Box It Up One Joint At A Time

How It Works

Boxes come with product selected by our staff, NOT customer choice.

You can be assured that we will choose the best Value and Quality for the $100 price point with the products we currently have available. The flower we select will be from our house flower as well as name brands, ranging from $35-$60 per eighth. See descriptions below

1) Call or Text (916) 993-5361
2) Tell us the box you desire
3) Select Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid
​4) Pay Cash on Delivery (we cannot accept CC)

The Flower Box: $100

  • 1/4 Flower
  • 2 PreRolls or 1 King Fuzzie

Our Flower Box comes with qualified dank flower thats proven to have you coming back bi-weekly for our hand selected goods. 


The Pre-Roll Box: $100

  • 14-pack PreRolls
  • 7 Pack PreRolls
  • ​1 King Fuzzy or 3-Pack

Our Pre-Roll Box comes A plethora of pre-rolls for your satisfaction. We will hand select the best sativa or indica for your occasion!


The Vape Box: $100

  • 3 Half Gram Carts
  • ​1 Battery

Our Vape Box comes with not one, not two, but THREE half-gram catridges to give you a variety in flavor. We will deliver the best brands to you with a battery to make it last!


The Edible Box: $75

  • Comes with 420+mg of THC edibles

420 MG of Edibles! Are you kidding me. Not only will you be lifted but you’ll be in outers space. Please eat safely!


The Mixed Box: $100

  • 1/8 Flower
  • 1g Concentrate
  • 100mg Edible
  • 2 Pre rolls or 1 King Wax Preroll

Our Mixed Box comes a vareity of cannabis for various occassions. We’ll help you prepare for the month with a delicous package suitable for many instances.